Newsletter: 18 December 2011


THE WEEK AHEAD can be a stressful one, so try to keep calm and keep your head when all those about you are losing theirs! Keep the true meaning of Christmas close to your heart and you will have a joyous celebration of this wonderful feast when it comes. Finally, don’t overspend, remember that you cannot buy a happy Christmas.

SENIORS’ PARTY. This is the final weekend for replies to be sent in for the Seniors’ Party on 21st January. As places are limited a waiting list may have to be created. The organisers will be in touch in the New Year, with all who have responded, to confirm details about the party.

Carmel Whitehead, late of Mersey Way whose funeral is on Monday, 10 am at All Saints, coming into church on Sunday at 7.45 pm. Carmel was a regular at Mass at All Saints, attending Mass daily and singing in the choir. Please remember her family in your prayers at this sad time.

THE COLLECTION ON CHRISTMAS DAY is your annual gift to your priests, Frs Michael and Joseph and comprises the largest portion of their annual income.

MASS ON ST STEPHEN’s DAY (Boxing Day) is at 12 noon at St Thomas Aquinas. Any altar servers who have completed one full year or more is entitled to receive a bronze Guild medical at this Mass.
Just ‘turn up’.

THE ITALIAN COMMUNITY have given the parish a generous donation of £1,485. for which we are very grateful. Lists of individual givers are available at the request of the collectors.

ADVERTISING IN OUR PARISH DIARY. If you would like your business advertised, please ring John Kennedy on 07802 472513 before 31st December, leaving your details.

STOP PRESS. Fr Mario has informed us that he will celebrate Mass, in Italian, on Christmas morning at 8.30 am at St Thomas Aquinas Church. Also, Confessions in Italian, 5.30 pm on Christmas Eve ~ same venue.

are on Thursday at 2.30 pm St Thomas Aquinas
and 7.30 pm All Saints.
This year we have enlisted the help of local priests who have generously agreed to help. There is no better preparation for Christmas than to be absolved from our sins, which is why our services are always so well attended.

Christmas Eve:
10 pm Vigil Mass at All Saints with Carols from 9.30 pm
12 Solemn Midnight Mass at St Thomas Aquinas
Christmas Day Masses:
8 am All Saints
9.15 am All Saints
10 am St Thomas Aquinas
11 am All Saints
[NB: As Christmas Day is a Sunday, the usual timetable of Masses is suspended. For New Year’s Day, the usual times will apply.]

LISTS for Readers/Ministers/Servers. Please sign the clipboard list if you wish to exercise your ministry on Christmas Eve/Day.

AVOID THE CROWDS on Christmas Day Mass.
Happily, all our Masses are usually well attended. If you require a seat please arrive early or you may wish to make for the 8 am (All Saints) or 10 am (St Thomas Aquinas) which tend to be less busy.

 PHOENIX YOUTH GROUP meet Tuesday, 7-9 pm at St Thomas Aquinas Meeting Room.

APOSTLES CREED. Please pick-up a Mass card for the words to the Creed we are using during Advent.

2012 DIARIES now available from the Sacristy for children who are to begin Catholic Schools in September 2013. Please be aware that very young children may need a diary. Don’t miss out, please ask if in doubt.

WELL DONE to all at Bishop Parker and St Thomas Aquinas Schools for their excellent Christmas shows and carol services.

Rome by Air: 5th March 2012 (5 days) £475. per person
With Papal Audience
Details REMY (647854)
Disclaimer: The Parish has no responsibility for this advertised trip


May God Bless Us All

Fr Michael

My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our anniversary. She said, “I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds.”
I bought her bathroom scales …..(oh) !

Billy was born on 28th December yet his birthday is always in the summer. How is this possible? Billy lives in the Southern hemisphere !!

Which is correct to say, “the yolk of the egg are white” or “the yolk of the egg is white”?Neither, the yolk of the egg is yellow !!!

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