Newsletter: 1st January 2012

NEW MISSALS (with new Mass wording) have arrived at long last. One sale at £9.99p or £16.99p for a posh leather one!

Christmas Offering. Fr Joseph and Fr Michael say a big “Thank you” for the Christmas day collection which amounted to £2,403 each. Your generosity knows no bounds and we are very grateful.

Webs Wonders. Have you checked out our upbeat web-site recently? Go to and you will be impressed. On Christmas Eve no fewer than 297 people visited the site, (mostly to find out the time of Midnight Mass!?!). This shows how important web-sites and such things are nowadays, and it reduced BT’s profits too, as our phone never usually stops ringing on Christmas Eve, but this year, just a few enquiries by phone.

Looking Back. Another busy year in the parish draws to a close. Fifty funerals, twelve weddings here plus more abroad and eighty baptisms. Weekly Mass attendance up again to 1,230. New rules about no meat on Fridays for Catholics. New translation of the Mass to come to terms with. Fr Mark Elvins continues his ministry in Winslow until the Summer, which takes a little pressure off the Bletchley priests for a few months at least.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helps in any way toward the running of our parish. It takes a lot of work and goodwill to keep a parish of this size “on the road” and so many people give of their time, talents and treasure, mostly behind the scenes. I thank you all. May God bless you for all you do.

Congratulations to the twelve altar servers who were presented with their bronze medals (not “medicals”) during Mass on St Stephen’s Day. Also, to Bernard Guina who received his silver medal for ten years of service at God’s altar, now exercised as MC.

Diaries Begin Today. For school admissions in September 2013, please begin using your 2012 diary today. After Mass, please present it for signature to: a governor or staff member of Bishop Parker School or St Thomas Aquinas School, to a welcomer, MC, children’s liturgy leader or to one of the parish team. Does your child require a diary? “Yes”: if they are in the current school year 5 (for St Paul’s School); “Yes” if they are to begin Reception Class in September 2013 (ie they are currently in the year prior to Nursery). Please do not think your child is too young for a diary or miss this important notice. Collect your diary from the sacristy. Your child’s school place is at stake; if in doubt, please ask.
NB. The diaries are produced independently and if you want to place an advert in next year’s diary ring John Kennedy on 07802 472513.

Next Sunday we celebrate the Epiphany (readers please note).

“The Vine”, your free Diocesan Newspaper is out today. Also, soon we should have our 2012 Diocesan Directories.

CRB Checks. To ensure good practice on the Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults front, all our CRB checks are due for renewal. Our thanks to Marie Day for taking on this onerous task. It would be very helpful to Marie if all group leaders and co-ordinators could contact her with up-to-date information about who is still in post and requires renewal. For example, if a previously CRB’d person no longer helps with the Children’s Liturgy, it would save Marie time by not renewing that person’s CRB unnecessarily. Would leaders and co-ordinators please ring Marie on 07882 713797. Thank you.

Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Group
meet 7th January at Mr and Mrs Raffaele Zeolla, 65, Whaddon Way. All welcome. Tel Tess:07960826144

Situations Vacant.
1. Two cleaners required for St Thomas Aquinas Church owing to the retirement of two cleaners of long-standing. May I thank all those who keep our churches clean, the unsung heroes of our parish.
2. Brown Owl Jackie is retiring as leader of our Brownie Pack. We thank her for her years of service to our young girls. If you want to help with the Brownies please ring the office.

Rome by Air:5th March 2012 (5 days) £475. Per person
With Papal Audience.
Details REMY (647854)
Disclaimer:The Parish has no responsibility for this advertised trip

There was a time when all monasteries observed a strict rule of silence. In one monastery a monk was allowed to say only two words every five years, and those would be to the abbot. After his first five years of silence one monk said to the abbot: “Food cold”.
At the end of five more years he said: “Bed hard”. Finally, after his fifteenth year in the monastery he said: “I quit!”
“And I am not surprised, my son” replied the abbot, “you’ve done nothing but complain since you got here!”

 May God Bless Us All in the New Year Ahead

Fr Michael

Welcome to the Parish!
Ensure you are on our list.

Please fill in this slip and hand it to one of the Welcomers (with the big yellow rosette!). We will put you on our List of Parishioners. Meanwhile, please help yourself to the Information Sheets at back of church. If you have children, please see the sheet explaining our diary system for places in our Catholic schools. Please note that Fr Michael will only give references (for passports, immigration, schools, jobs, sponsors etc) if you appear on our parish list.


NAME …………………………………………………..

ADDRESS ………………………………………………



Tel. ………………………………………………………


I would like to give my offering to the parish by:


Parish Website:

Deacon: Rev Noel Guina,

Tel: 01908 649356 – email:


Parish Pastoral Worker: Angela White

Parish Visit Co-Ordinator: Eileen Eade

Child Protection

Representative: Marie Day 07882 713797


Parish Primary Schools:

Bishop Parker School, MK2 3BT: 372129

St Thomas Aquinas School, MK3 5DT: 373977

St Pauls Secondary School MK6 5EN: 669735


Parish Office: 01908 372315

Parish Secretary Jo Cerrone

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9.30 am – 12:30 pm

[Jo – Mon-Tues-Wed- Fri; Eileen – Thurs]

At other times: By Appointment


If you know of a Catholic in hospital please contact:

Catholic Chaplaincy 01908 243700

Marriage Care:

For confidential advice, please call 0800 389 3801

School Admissions September 2013

Please have your diary signed after Mass today.



Sycamore Avenue, MK2 2JE

Monday: 10 am Mass followed by

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction

Wednesday: 10 am Mass and Rosary

Friday: 8.30 am Mass

Saturday Vigil Mass: 6 pm

Sunday: 7.30 am Mass

Shenley Road, MK3 6HG

Tuesday: 10 am Mass

Wednesday 10 am Word, Communion, Rosary

Thursday: 10 am Mass

Sunday Masses: 9 am, 11 am, 6.30 pm

Please take this Newsletter home or replace on shelf.

NB: 6.30 pm Mass-goes, please take the newsletter home. Thank You.

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