Newsletter:29th December 2019

This Week’s Liturgies
Sunday: Feast of the Holy Family
Pastoral Letter from Bishop Peter
to be read at all Masses

6:00pm (Sat) (STA) Vigil Mass
7:30am (STA) Mass
9:00am (AS) Mass
11:00am (AS) Mass
6:30pm (AS) Mass

Monday Feast: St Thomas Becket
Secondary Patron of the Diocese of Northampton
9:30am (STA) Holy Rosary
10:00am (STA) Mass followed by Adoration
Tuesday Seventh Day of the Christmas Octave
9:30am (AS) Holy Rosary
10:00am (AS) Mass followed by Adoration
Wednesday Solemnity: Mary Mother of God
10:00am (STA) Mass followed by Rosary
Thursday Memoria: SS Basil & Gregory
10:00am (AS) Mass followed by Rosary and D.M Chaplet
Friday Memoria: The Most Holy Name of Jesus
10:00am (STA) Mass
Saturday Feria
9:30am (STA) Mass followed by Adoration & Rosary
10:00-10:30am (STA) CONFESSIONS

STA: St Thomas Aquinas Church, Sycamore Avenue, MK2 2JE
AS: All Saints Church, Shenley Road, MK3 6HG

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for December: The Future of the Very Young
That every country take the measures necessary to prioritize the future of the very young, especially those who are suffering.

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Peter
For the Feast of the Holy Family Bishop Peter has written a Pastoral letter to all the Schools and Parishes of our Diocese which will be read out at Masses this weekend.

Christmas Crib Appeal 2019
Throughout Christmastide we invite you to make a donation at the Christmas Crib to help the children’s arm of Missio (called “Mission Together”) in support of some of the world’s most deprived children. Your support this Christmas will help many children across the world to:
~ Hear the story of Jesus and see His love for them
~ Benefit from a healthy meal
~ Receive an education, a home and safety.

May all children
In all the world
Share love
Share friendship and live
In the peace
Of God’s love
Now and forever

Requiescant in Pace
Please pray for repose of the soul of

Isobel McCann, whose Funeral Service will be at 10:45am on Monday 30th December at Crownhill Crematorium.
Flory Rodricks, whose Funeral Service will be at 11:30am on Thursday 2nd January at All Saints Church
Joyce Daly, whose Funeral Mass will be at 12:30pm on Wednesday 8th January at St Thomas Aquinas Church.
We offer our sincere sympathy and the loving support of our faith and prayers to all the recently bereaved.

Christmas Collections – Gifts to your Priests
Many thanks for your kindness and generosity once again towards Fr Emmanuel and myself, in the form of the Christmas Offering. Fr Emmanuel and I divide the money, which you kindly give us, 50:50 which provides us with a modest income until Easter.

Divine Mercy Devotions & Eucharistic Adoration
Next Sunday: 5th January
3pm at All Saints Church, everyone very welcome!

Advance Notice – Change of Mass Time
After a number of requests were made and consultation sought the 8:30am Mass on Fridays at St Thomas Aquinas Church is going to be moved to the later time of 10:00am. This will take effect from Friday 3rd January 2020. The hope is that more people will be able to attend at a time that many consider to be more convenient.

Parish Statistics 2019
Average Sunday Mass Attendance
6pm Vigil (St Thomas Aquinas Church): 180
7:30am (St Thomas Aquinas Church): 79
9:00am (All Saints Church): 229
11:00am (All Saints Church): 296
6:30pm (All Saints Church): 165
Average Sunday Total: 949
Baptisms: 43
First Holy Communions: 71
Confirmations: 34
Weddings: 9
Funerals: 36

Prophets: Messengers of God’s Mercy
Starting in January 2020 a ten-part Bible study, in which you will discover how God is constantly calling us to a deeper relationship with him as well as the ways we are called to be the voice of God to others. We will come to know the prophets and their messages will shed light on our faith and our lives. The group will meet on: Friday evenings after the 7pm Mass at St Augustine’s Church, Heelands, MK13 7PL. A book will need to be purchased before the start of the course.
For further details please contact Christine Scotcher on
01908 318079 or email:bibletimeline2018

Parish Office Holiday Closure
The Parish Office will re-open on the 6th January.

Clergy Post-Christmas Leave
Fr Christopher is away visiting his parents in Cornwall until Saturday 11th January. In his absence please direct all clergy matters to Fr Emmanuel.

May the Holy Family pray for our families and inspire us to persevere in faith
We pray that you and your families will have a peaceful and Holy Christmastide and a joyful New year.
Fr Christopher & Fr Emmanuel

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