Newsletter: 26th January 2020

This Week’s Liturgies
Ordinary Time Year A

Sunday Third Sunday of the Year

6:00pm (STA) (Saturday) Vigil Mass
7:30am (STA) Mass
9:00am (AS) Mass
11:00am (AS) Mass
6:30pm (AS) Mass

Monday Feria
9:30am (STA) Holy Rosary
10:00am (STA) Mass followed by Adoration

Tuesday Parish Solemnity: St Thomas Aquinas
9:30am (AS) Holy Rosary
10:00am (AS) Mass followed by Adoration
3:00pm (STA) Dementia friendly Mass

Wednesday Feria
10:00am (STA) Mass followed by Rosary

Thursday Feria
10:00am (AS) Mass followed by Rosary and D.M Chaplet

Friday Memoria: St John Bosco
10:00am (STA) Mass followed by Rosary

Saturday Memoria: Our Lady on Saturday
9:30am (STA)
Mass followed by Adoration & Rosary
10:00-10:30am (STA) CONFESSIONS

STA: St Thomas Aquinas Church, Sycamore Avenue, MK2 2JE
AS: All Saints Church, Shenley Road, MK3 6HG

Bishop Elect Canon David Oakley
The Holy Father has appointed Canon David Oakley, a priest of the Archdiocese of Birmingham and currently rector of St Mary’s College, Oscott, to be the thirteenth Bishop of Northampton.

Fr David James Oakley was born on 28th November 1955 in Stourbridge. He is the eldest of five children to Joyce and Fred Oakley. The family moved to Birmingham when David was 7 years old. After school, he worked in a well-known department store and entered Oscott in September 1974. Fr David was ordained on 5th July 1980 and has served in several parishes within the Archdiocese of Birmingham. He has always suggested that the parish is his natural habitat. Fr David studied catechetics at the Maryvale Institute and was awarded a MEd degree. He was appointed Pastoral Director and Procurator at Oscott in 1994. During this time he researched a PhD thesis in Pastoral Theology, which was later published. As Parish Priest at Maryvale, Fr David directed the diocesan Department for Parish and Family Catechesis, developing resources in collaboration with CaFE. At the same time, he undertook licentiate studies in the Pontifical University of St Patrick’s, Maynooth and was awarded the STL degree. Since February 2013, he has been the twenty-third Rector of Oscott.

Message from Canon David Oakley (Bishop elect) to the Diocese:
“I have been asking Our Lady and St Joseph to pray for me, and to intercede for us all in the Diocese of Northampton. Let us keep each other in prayer over the next few weeks, and let us pray that as this new chapter in the Diocese of Northampton opens, that all of us together will be able to continue that great mission we have been entrusted with of building God’s kingdom in this part of his vineyard”

Bishop Peter’s Farewell Mass
A “Farewell Mass” for Bishop Peter will be celebrated in the Cathedral at 11:00am on Saturday, 22nd February. All are very welcome to to attend but please note that there is limited seating and parking at the Cathedral. It is advised to get there in plenty of time.

We pray for God’s blessing for Bishop Peter as he continues his ministry, and for our bishop-elect, Canon David Oakley:

O Lord, who for the feeding of your flock
have chosen your servant David as our bishop elect,
grant him, we pray,
a spirit of counsel and fortitude,
a spirit of knowledge and piety,
so that, by faithfully governing the people entrusted to him,
he may build up in the world the sacrament of the Church
Through Christ our Lord, AMEN

Second Collection – Next weekend:
Bishop Peter’s retirement gift from the Parish.

The Year of the Word
Pope Francis has instituted this Sunday as being dedicated to the Word of God. He remarked that today the Sacred Scriptures should be properly ‘enthroned’ at all Masses and that the homily (as part of the proclamation of the Word) should emphasise the honour we should pay to the Holy Scriptures. He asked for a renewed effort in providing members of the faithful with the training needed to be genuine proclaimers of the Word of God, of the importance of actively listening to these sacred texts at Mass and of the need to authentically read the Word of God.

Requiescant in Pace
Please pray for repose of the soul of
Owen Lowe, whose Funeral Service will be at 2:45pm on Friday 31st January at Crownhill Crematorium.
Robert Christopher Jones, whose Funeral service will be at 1:45pm on Monday 10th February at All Saints Church.
Stephen Hunt, whose Funeral Service will be at 2.30pm on Wednesday 5th February at St Thomas Aquinas Church.

Phoenix Youth Group
Tuesday 28th January, 7:30pm – 9pm
St Thomas Aquinas Church Meeting room (MK2 2JE)
For young people in the Parish in school years 7-11. Come along for Pizza, games and an opportunity to share and reflect on our Catholic faith.

Celebration 2020
Celebration provides religious formation to young people from year 6 up to 6th form. It is a residential weekend being held at Thornton School from 28th -30th August. Application forms are available from Fr Christopher.

Dementia Friendly Mass
3pm Tuesday 28th January: St Thomas Aquinas Church
An opportunity for those with Dementia and their carers to come together to celebrate Mass and spend some time together in a friendly and supportive environment.
All are very welcome to attend.

Baptism Preparation Meeting
The next meeting for parents who are requesting Baptism for their children will be at 8pm on Thursday 30th January, 8pm at St Thomas Aquinas Church, MK2 2JE. The meeting is for parents and guardians only, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate young children.

Thank You
Last week’s second collection for the Comboni Missionaries raised £1,308! This is something of a record for a second collection. Many thanks for your generosity and support for this important work of mission.

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
You are invited to a Rosary gathering / procession to honour the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to pray for the sick. Tuesday 11th February 2020 at 6pm. Meeting outside Christ the Cornerstone 300 Saxon Gate west, Central Milton Keynes MK9 2ES. For more information please phone Monica
on 07401 366330.

With every blessing for the week ahead
Fr Christopher & Fr Emmanuel

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