We  have two Catholic Primary Schools in the parish: Bishop Parker School and St Thomas Aquinas School.

Also, St Paul’s Secondary in Leadenhall (just beyond our parish boundary) serves our older youngsters.

Nursery: Bishop Parker School, see below.
Free Nursery Places

Bishop Parker Primary School
Barton Road, East Bletchley, MK2 3BT
Tel: 01908 372129
Fax: 01908 645031

St Thomas Aquinas Primary
St Mary’s Avenue, Bletchley MK3 5DT
Tel: 01908 373977
Fax: 01908 373977

St Paul’s Secondary
Phoenix Drive, Leadenhall, Milton Keynes, MK6 5EN
Tel: 01908 669735
Fax: 01908 676206

Important Information on Admissions to Catholic Primary Schools

Our schools are very popular, places are limited and schools are often over-subscribed. The schools’ entrance criteria require the priest to provide a reference for applicant children. Fr Christopher gives a reference to a child if they regularly attend Mass on a Sunday or Saturday evening.

How are references allocated? The onus is on the parents to produce evidence of their child’s rate of Mass-attendance. Such evidence is gathered by way of a parish diary.

Parish diaries are available from the Parish Office, diaries which the child brings to Mass. At the beginning and at the end of Mass, they have it stamped by an appointed person which shows that the child attended that Mass. Evidence of rate of Mass attendance is collated at the end of each calendar year prior to the year of admission. For example, if the child is to start at Catholic school in September 2019, he or she must have been using a diary throughout 2018. They hand in their diary in December 2018 in support of their application which is submitted in early 2019. Fr Christopher examines each diary and gives a reference if the diary contains sufficient signatures. Some children achieve one hundred per cent Mass attendance, but Fr Christopher will make allowances for holidays and illnesses.

Hence we ask that children who attend Mass in Bletchley and are applying for a place in primary school, collect a diary and bring it to Mass (for the calandar year before their application is submitted) for stamping every time they attend.  Please be aware that some children who need diaries will be very young; please do not make the mistake of thinking that your child is too young for a diary and that the day they are to start school seems too far off to worry about using a diary. If in doubt, please ask, for ignorance of the scheme cannot be used as an excuse.

The system is well-publicised at Mass by way of verbal announcememnts and by inclusions in the parish newsletter. We have used this system for some years now; it is deemed to be a fair system and has been upheld at appeal.

Diaries are available from the parish office.