We have two Catholic Primary Schools in the Parish: Bishop Parker School and St Thomas Aquinas School. Both schools form the Bletchley Catholic Schools Federation. The schools are served by the same Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher and there is one Governing Body for the Federation.

St Paul’s Catholic School in Leadenhall (just beyond our parish boundary) provides Catholic Secondary education for Catholic Children in Milton Keynes

Nursery: Bishop Parker School, see below.
Free Nursery Places

Bishop Parker Primary School
Hunter Drive, Bletchley, MK2 3BT
Tel: 01908 372129
Fax: 01908 645031

St Thomas Aquinas Primary School
St Mary’s Avenue, Bletchley MK3 5DT
Tel: 01908 373977
Fax: 01908 373977

St Paul’s Catholic Secondary School
Phoenix Drive, Leadenhall, Milton Keynes, MK6 5EN
Tel: 01908 669735
Fax: 01908 676206

School Admissions September 2021
As a result of the closure of our Churches during the time of pandemic if you were issued with a 2020 Parish Diary for a Certificate of Catholic Practice for School Admissions in September 2021 then you will now automatically be given a reference by Fr Christopher irrespective of the number of stamps. The Diary does not need to be handed in. Fr Christopher will contact the School informing them you have been granted a Certificate of Catholic Practice.

Important Information on Admissions to Catholic Schools 2022
Our schools are very popular, places are limited and schools are often over subscribed. In accord with national guidelines for Catholic Schools, the schools’ entrance criteria require that the Parish Priest to provide a reference known as a “Certificate of Catholic Practice” for applicant children. A Certificate is granted to a child if they regularly attend Mass on a Sunday or the Saturday evening Vigil Mass.

If you require a Certificate of Catholic Practice from the Parish please fill in the appropriate Registration Form available from the back of Church and return it to the Parish Office ASAP.

Full details of each School’s Admission Criteria can be viewed on their respective Websites. Please remember when applying for a place in our Parish Schools to obtain and complete the Supplementary form in addition to the ones required by the Local Authority. If you have any queries regarding School Admissions please contact the School(s) directly. If you have any enquirers regarding how to obtain a Certificate of Catholic Practice i.e a reference from Fr Christopher please contact the Parish Office on 01908 372315 during Office hours.