First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

Details of the First Holy Communion Course for 2020-2021 have yet to be finalised. Please check the Newsletter. Enrolment is likely to be delayed until the New Year.

Reconciliation (Confession): Because of human weakness, the baptized often do not live up to their dignity as sons and daughters of God. The Sacrament of Reconciliation celebrates the forgiveness and mercy of God as the sinner humbly acknowledges and confesses his or her sins. The Sacrament also repairs or reestablishes a person’s unity with and membership in the Church. The priest represents both God and the Church, and speaks the consoling words of absolution in the name of both.

Holy Communion: No life flourishes without food and drink. Thus, the Eucharist offers the Body and Blood of Jesus as food and drink for the spirit. As a ceremony, the Eucharist is both a meal that nourishes, as well as a sacrifice in which the death of Jesus is offered to the Father. The Eucharist is also the object of adoration among the faithful. Since the graces of all the other sacraments flow from the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Eucharist is considered the central sacrament of the Church.

Preparation for these Sacraments begins in school year 3 for children who attend Mass in the Parish every weekend and is undertaken in St Thomas Aquinas School and Bishop Parker School. If your child does not attend St Thomas Aquinas or Bishop Parker Catholic Schools, we have a Parish First Holy Communion Course which usually meets at St Thomas Aquinas Church meeting room from September until June. In order to enroll on the course you need to already be attending Mass each Sunday (or Saturday Vigil) in the Parish and be able to provide us with a copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate. Places are limited due to available meeting space and you will need to enroll as soon as the course is advertised in the Parish Newsletter over the summer.* For further enquires please contact the Parish Office on (01908) 372315.

Please note that if you live outside our parish boundary we will need the permission of your parish priest before we can administer a sacrament here.

*Our Sacramental Preparation Programmes are not advertised online